Cleeve Harmony
Ladies A Cappella Chorus in Bishop's Cleeve


15th November 2014

Christmas is coming

The geese are getting fat

We all got together

And put on our Christmas hats

At St. Michaels hall we all did sing

Much to the crowds delight

We gathered twice along the hall

Being cheerful, merry and bright


Keep Singing J

20th August 2014

One Night in August


Whilst many were on holiday

A few came out to play

We travelled round the world last night

It didn't even rain


With music from Tunisia

We warmed our bodies through

Then further down in Africa

We found something else to do


At steady pace, we all took time

To look for some Banahas

Si Si 'tis true, they only cost

One Yacu Dolada


Hayley was in need, she said

So to Russia we all went

With aahs, and eehs then to the loos

We there our pennies spent


Keep Singing J

25th June 2014

Wot We Did Last Night


Clap Clap

Take That

My Bonnie Lies Over The Sea

How High and Bumble Bee

When do we bend our knees?


Bull Dogs

Chihuahua too

Not forgetting the Terria

There’s one thing we want to know

What’s that in the winda?


One Fine Day

You’ll realise

It’s not about the money

Lean On Me

I’ll help you out

Some things were really funny!


Keep Singing J

17th May 2014 

Cheltenham Performing Arts Competition

The sun had got its hat on

We were all raring to go

We warmed up under dappled shade

Then put on a good show


The afternoon choirs were varied

Some children, ladies and men

All sang two songs in contrast

We did well, came second - and then...


The evening choirs were ladies

Some new, some established too

Four songs were sung - and rather well

We came FIRST - Yabba Dabba Doo! 


Keep Singing J

26th April 2014

Super Saturday

It started out with Sally, hot from The White Rosettes

She gave us all instructions, on how to be our best


She showed us what not, and what to do, when moving in our songs

And keen to use our new found skills, we couldn’t wait too long


And just by chance we had a show, and so that very night

We thought we’d make some changes, just so we’d get it right


With costumes and full make-up on, we really looked the part

We filled the stage with shaking knees, until we had to start


We sang our best, we really tried, and made our moves as one

The audience encouraged us, and Donna really shone


In three short weeks we’re off again, this time to the Town Hall

To compete with other chorus’s, Let’s do well and show them all!


15th March 2014

Cleeve Harmony Joins Competition Circuit 
Formed barely a year ago, Donna Whitehouse led her merry band to a Merit in the Worcester Music Festival this weekend. 
Among the comments from the judge were: 
    Lovely formation. 
    Songs were sung sensitively and were very believable. 
    Movements were good and well co-ordinated. 
    Confident and assured. 
    Great ending! 
Donna said she is very proud of her ladies and thanked Sharon, the chorus Choreographer, in particular, for the presentation of the second song. 
The ladies were very pleased with the result. They thoroughly enjoyed their first competition and send their congratulations to the winners. 
All are looking forward to May, when they will be competing in the Cheltenham Music Festival. 
Keep Singing J

10th March 2014

This Saturday, 15th, the chorus will take part in it's very first competition against three other barbershop choruses (Vale Connection Ladies, Vale Harmony Mens, West Midlands Men (aka Anvil) and another, non-barbershop chorus. Wish us luck!

25th February 2014

As of tonight, we have 31 full members in the chorus, with another 4 looking to complete their assessments soon.

18th February 2014

On Sunday we had an amazing afternoon, being coached by Fortuity, a young, ladies quartet who came 13th in the International competition this year. Everyone worked hard and had a lot of fun.

9th January 2014

We've started the year with an Open Night combined with a 1st birthday party, and were joined by 9 ladies interested in joining the chorus, plus guests from Vale Connection Ladies Chorus (Evesham), Black Sheep Harmony Ladies Chorus (along with David, their MD), Bristol Fashion and Avon Harmony.

22nd December 2013

The year finished with a short, 15 min sing-out at Tesco’s in Cleeve, followed by some members of the chorus joining the St Michael's Church congregation for carol singing in the pubs in Bishop's Cleeve.

16th December 2013

On Saturday, the chorus sang at the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway, at Winchcombe station; this was a wonderful morning including having a guest director join us for 2 numbers... A possible future MD in 10 - 15 years time!

9th December 2013

On Saturday, a small group of the chorus sang at The Farmer's Arms pub in Bishop's Cleeve whilst they were serving lunch. The diners seemed to enjoy the singing and we enjoyed the experience (special thanks to the owners for the tea, coffee and mince pies once we'd finished singing)... and we've been invited back!

25th November 2013

On the evening of Saturday 25th November, we were invited to sing as part of the entertainment at the Cheltenham Brewery Christmas Lights Switch On! This turned out to be a very cold evening and not quite what we were expecting, but it proved to be a useful experience.

18th November 2013

We had a busy day on Saturday 16th November, starting in the morning with singing in St Michael's Church Hall at their Christmas Fayre, helping them raise some money to keep the hall going. We sang twice and had a great time unveiling our new Christmas songs. In the evening, we held a Quiz Night Fundraiser to support the chorus in the future, which was a great success financially, but also a lot of fun.

21st October 2013

Last week we had an amazing coaching night with Liz Garnett. She has done a blog about the evening here We also did a performance at the Churches Together Harvest Supper, which was very well received - so much that it appears we may get one or more requests for further performances as a result. Tomorrow night we start our Christmas music, so if you've been thinking about it, come along at 7.40 tomorrow, 22nd October and 'try us out'.

8th October 2013

The chorus have been busy over the summer learning 4 new songs, of which 2 were performed for the first time at the St. Michael MacMillan Coffee Morning and we are planning on debuting another 1 this weekend at the Churches Together Harvest Supper. We are also just about to start working on our Christmas music and currently have 3 definite Christmas performances booked, with another 2 or 3 as possibilities. We are also just starting to look forward to 2014! We are always looking for new ladies to join the chorus so if you are tempted, come along to one of our rehearsals. We don't bite and you'll probably have fun!

6th August 2013

Just a reminder that we don't shut down for the Summer, so if you are interested in joining the chorus, please feel free to come along to a rehearsal over the summer. I would ask that you arrive between 7.30 and 7.45 to ensure that we can say hello and introduce you to one or more members of the chorus to look after you. We are starting two new songs tonight, so it is a great time to come and see what you think without worrying that everyone else knows lots more than you!

9th June 2013 - Bishop's Cleeve Street Fair

The chorus had it's first 2 public performances on Sunday at the Street Fair and judging by the turnout (and the number of people who stayed throughout the set), people liked us! We even had our first encore (admittedly a repeat of our first song, Under the Boardwalk). Roll on 29th June when we will be singing with Vale Connection at the Evesham Music Festival (in one of the 'fringe' events).

16th May 2013

I have pleasure in announcing that Cleeve Harmony has just received its official invitation to join LABBS! Thanks to Rita Wood and Debi Cox from Labbs for their help and support. This really is a major achievement and we should all be proud at achieving this milestone so quickly!

12th April 2013

For those of you not on Facebook, I wanted to highlight this event. If you have sisters, daughters, friends etc who might be interested in having a go at being in the Youth Chorus, here is the info. As I put on FB... if I was young enough, I'd be going!

5th April 2013

So next Tuesday, the 9th April, is the date of our very first concert - it's a very casual affair, at the end of our rehearsal, but also an important event, as it will be the first time many of the ladies will have sung in public. If you'd like to come along, please feel free to arrive around 8.30 at the Tithe Barn for refreshments, followed by the actual singing from 9.45pm to about 10pm.

27th Feb 2013

A couple of dates for your diaries ladies:
  1. 12th March - A reminder that Lucy Edmonds will be coming to rehearsal in order to coach us, to help us improve. She will be taking warm-up and then working with us on When I Fall in Love and One Fine Day! Please do your best to have memorised these two songs by then.
  2. 9th April - Date set for our Friends and Family Concert. More details to follow.
  3. 9th June - Bishop's Cleeve Village Fair.

19th Feb 2013

We've been offered some risers (specialist staging for rehearsing/performing on) but need some storage space until next week when we can store them at the Tithe Barn. Can anyone provide some space in a garage or something as the current owners have offered to deliver them on Thursday (as they'll be in the area), which is very helpful as they are based in Cornwall! Needs a space about 8ft wide by 3feet deep by 4feet high!

12th Feb 2013

Another excellent rehearsal, despite it being half term in Glos and all the different lurgies going around. Congratulations to the 7 ladies who have passed their vocal assessment - Sharon, Caroline and Michelle in the leads, Gillie and Gwenda in the baris, Jessie (bass) and Joanne (tenor). I'm really looking forward to giving out New Member folders to more of the chorus next week.

11th Feb 2013

Thank you ladies for another excellent night on Tuesday. You all worked really hard on OFD and barely a whimper of protest about doing the vocal checks :-) Welcome also to the 5 new ladies - I hope you enjoyed the evening enough to return next week. Next week, we'll start working on When I Fall in Love (altogether "Ahhhh") and do some more detailed work on Heart of my Heart. Unfortunately the recording I made of OFD turned out to be full of fuzz, so we can't put the recording up, but will re-record it next week.

Here are also some links to YouTube recordings of the songs we are working on:

One Fine Day:

When I Fall in Love: (note this is in a higher key than we will be singing, so don't panic tenors)

Heart of my Heart: (this male chorus won the International men's competition 3 years ago and are favourites for this year).

25th Jan 2013

A bit late, but I now have the photos from the Open Night up on the photo album page.

22nd Jan 2013

It's started snowing, but isn't, yet, settling, so the rehearsal will go ahead, but will probably finish early. Get there if you can, but if you don't feel able, don't worry, see you next week!

21st Jan 2013

Unless we get another huge influx of snow, assume tomorrow night's rehearsal will be going ahead. If you don't feel happy about making the journey (particularly if you are on your own) please let me know. Also, please note we now have a page for photos.

21st Jan 2013

If you wish to listen to the recordings of the chorus singing One Fine Day and Baby Just Cares for Me, go to the teach tracks site and click on the link to Cleeve Harmony! I think you should all be really impressed with how well you all sang, after just one full rehearsal on OFD! Well done ladies!

17th Jan 2013

If you wish to listen to the recordings of the chorus singing One Fine Day and Baby Just Cares for Me, go to the teach tracks site and click on the link to Cleeve Harmony! I think you should all be really impressed with how well you all sang, after just one full rehearsal on OFD! Well done ladies!Are there any CH chorus members who have children or grand-children taking part in the Gloucestershire Youth Choir event on the 18th March? If so, please let me know.

16th Jan 2013

Week 2 kicked off with 18 returners and 12 new ladies. Read more on the new MD's blog page.